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Our Breeding Females

Asha's Doodles, Sunday

Sunday is an adorable Mini Australian Labradoodle.  Her mom is Dottie and her dad is Colby.  Sunday lives with her guardian family located in Pleasanton, CA.  Sunday is loved and adored by her family.  Sunday has the perfect temperament and loves to go on walks and enjoys playing fetch. Sunday has passed all of her health testing and will have puppies in 2017.  We are really looking forward to Sunday's puppies!

some more pictures of Sunday...

Asha's Doodles, Luna

Luna is an Australian Labradoodle.  Her mom is Laila and her dad is Colby.  Luna has a very sweet and loving personality.  She weights about 32 lbs and is very athletic.  She plays well with other dogs and enjoys going on walks.  Luna lives in San Francisco with her guardian family that adores her so much.  Luna has passed all of her health testing and is expecting her first litter in 2017.  

Asha's Doodles, Lily

Lily is our very sweet Australian Labradoodle.  Her mom is our very own Dottie and her dad is Colby.  Lily is very loving, plays well with other dogs, loves kids, and strangers.  Lily has passed all her health testing is going to become a mom soon. She weighs about 30 lbs. Lily lives with her guardian family in Santa Cruz, CA.  Lily is expecting her first litter in 2017.

some more pictures of Lily...

Asha's Doodles, Nala

Nala is as perfect as they get. Nala's mom is Laila and her dad is Colby. She is one of the most sweetest, gentle, loving, silly Australian Labradoodles.  She has mesmerizing green eyes and a soft fleecy coat. She is just precious.  She lives with her guardian family and they adore her to pieces.  Nala was a perfect mother to her first litter.  She is due to have one more litter for our breeding program in the summer of 2017.  

Asha's Doodles, Josie

Josie is a sweet and loving. Josie is Marsha's daughter and her dad is Ladd Hill's Quixote.  She is a compact mini size, about 15 pounds.  She currently lives with her guardian family that adores her to pieces. Josie has passed all her health testing and is due to have a couple of litters for our breeding program. She is due to have a litter in 2017.  Stay Tuned!

More pictures of our mommies and bio's coming soon!

Our Retired Breeding Females
Asha's Doodles Presents, ASD's Marsha!
photo 3Marsha is a very special girl.  She is a mini sized, red and white parti colored, Multi generation Australian Labradoodle.  Her coat is a non-shedding soft silky fleece, almost feels like velvet.  She has grown up to be a gorgeous Australian Labradoodle.  She has the most sweetest temperament along with her endearing green eyes and red eye lashes.  She can also be very comical at times. 

Pictures below of Marsha rockin a summer cut!
 Marsha as a Puppy
Asha's Doodles Presents, Cutiedoodle's Lily!
Lily, aka, Willy-will, Momma Will, or Willard, is our F1B Goldendoodle who lives with her loving forever family. She is a very sweet girl and very goofy.  She enjoys curling up on my lap and long belly rubs.  She also enjoys her massages.  She gets so excited when she is around the kids and she doesn't know a stranger.  She is a cream color, has a soft curly non shedding coat, and weighs 30 lbs.  Lily has passed all of her testing!  

Asha's Doodles Presents, ASD's Annie!
Annie is an Australian Labradoodle.  She is also known as Annie Mac Fannie, Annie Mac, and Anna.  She is a very sweet, loving, and very intuitive.  She is athletic and strong and enjoys digging holes, bike riding, car rides, and long walks. The best part of her day is to just get her belly rubbed and getting her massages.  She has honey brown eyes and a soft chocolate wavy coat that does not mat or shed.  Annie lives here with our family.  Annie has been a caring and wonderful mother to her puppies.  She will have her last litter in the middle of 2014.

Picture of Annie and Marsha enjoying a car ride together

Pressenting Asha's Doodles Tiny, aka Clementine

Clementine is from our very own Annie. She has a very relaxed and easy going temperament.  When she was born, she was the smallest puppy in the litter, which is why we named her Tiny.  We made sure she well fed and was always gaining weight.  She spent many hours wrapped in a blanket and in my shirt :-) She is super sweet and loving with a superb temperament as well.  Clementine lives with her guardian family in Oakland, CA.  She is beloved member of her family and a superb ball fetcher.  Clementine has passed her testing and is officially part of our breeding program.   

Clementine at work with her Dad
Clementine as a puppy :-)
Asha's Doodles Presents, "Dottie"
Dottie is an Australian Labradoodle and is the daugther of our very own Marsha.  Her father is Daisy Hill's Quixote, an Australian Labradoodle.  Dottie had stolen my heart when she was about 3 weeks old.  She would give me direct eye contact and wanted to get my attention.  She was such a social butterfly and immediately I knew that she has to be part of my breeding program.  Not only is her temperament one of a kind, she has the most gorgeous silky fleece curly coat.  She is a white and chocolate parti color.  Dottie currently lives with an awesome guardian family.   Dottie has another four legged sibling, the cat, that she is learning to be friends with.  She also has 2 older human sisters that love her dearly. Dottie has passed all her health testing!


 Pictures above courtesy of Jessica Rosenburg
Asha's Doodles Presents, Country Club Labradoodles, Laila

Laila is an Australian Labradoodle. When Laila was just a young puppy, she was the most calm and easy going puppy.  She would fall asleep in our arms.  She wanted nothing more than to be with her family.  She currently lives with her guardian family in which she is a beloved member of their family.  She is a goofy and fun loving girl. Laila has passed all her breeder testing.


Asha's Doodles Proudly Presents, PR's Maggie Mae!
Maggie Mae (AKA Maggie D & Magga) is an Australian Labradoodle.  She is the Momma dog here and teaches the other little puppies manners.  She likes to go into the other momma's whelping boxes to clean the puppies and check on them.  When the puppies are old enough to hang out with the older moms, Maggie just loves to chase them around, tug on their ears, and pull them by their little legs.  Her motherly instinct is still very strong.  You would never know but she is almost 8 years old!  Everywhere we take her, people think she is a puppy.  She is short and stocky, very loving, gentle, and has the biggest brown eyes.  She loves to follow me everywhere and watches everything I do.  She waits for me so patiently to come home.  Its quite endearing.  She sleeps by my side of the bed in her own special area.  Her favorite thing to do is just to relax next to me.  She is spoiled by all of us.  She is now retired and is living the life with us here in our home. 
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