Asha's Doodles - Our Doodles are Health Tested, & Guaranteed!
 About us!

We are a small in home breeder centrally located between San Jose and San Francisco.  What attracted us most to these breeds were their non-shedding coats and family friendly personalities. They have taught my children compassion, respect, socialization, and responsibility.  My 12 year old son has high functioning Autism.  Some of our dogs seem to be aware of his special need and are drawn to him.  As he grows and matures, he is learning how to take care of our dogs and anticipate their needs.  Their eagerness to learn and please their humans make them  perfect candidates to perform service and therapy work for the deaf, blind, disabled, mental health, and autistic community.  Their personalities are so loving and sweet, gentle, playful, and so goofy. 
Our puppies are raised in our home and receive the best of everything.  Because we are a small breeder, we are able to focus more on the health and temperament.  Our lives pretty much revolve around our dogs and puppies (not our kids, lol).  Our four children take a major part in caring and socializing with the puppies. All of my breeding dogs are fully health tested and live with their own individual families that love and cherish them.  

Healthy, safe, and responsible breeding requires breeders to be open minded and to be willing to continue to learn from other like minded individuals.   We continue to work with other breeders throughout California and out of California to broaden our knowledge and add new lines to our breeding program.  
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Asha Singh
Cell:  510-364-3977